It’s my own personal Memorial Day tradition to watch Jaws. It signifies that Summer is here and that sharks are big and sweet looking. Jaws is the second major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg who, as you may know, went on to do absolutely nothing after this movie. The cool thing about Jaws is how generally believable it is. Roy Scheider as Martin Brody seems to really be a New York City cop living in a New England island town. 100% shoot. Richard Dreyfuss seems like a legit marine biologist. Then, there’s Robert Shaw as Quint, the grizzled old shark hunter who delivers a grim monologue about the USS Indianapolis sinking during World War II is enough to make this a great movie. However, there’s way more sweet shit in the 124 minute masterpiece. Realism is the main thing. Something sorely lacking in moves these days in my opinion. The shark looks cool to this day, the attacks look pretty real, and there’s plenty of severed limbs and blood for everyone. Oh, and any movie where a child gets killed usually earns my respect. It’s a bold move. If you haven’t seen Jaws, get real and watch it because what you doing to yourself is borderline self-abuse.

    P.S. Jaws invented the summer blockbuster concept. Chew on that tasty knowledge morsel.